REMSAFE is a patented, modular isolation system enabling rapid and remote de-energisation of large mining equipment, increasing worker safety and reducing isolation downtime by over 97%.


The system consists of Field Isolation Stations (FIS) located beside the conveyor and a Failsafe Instrument Cubicle (FIC) located at the substation.

The entire isolation process is completed by a single operator in under 3 minutes.

This ensures a verified, failsafe, full-energy isolation can be carried out quickly, providing hours of additional production time.


Key benefits of REMSAFE

●       Isolates conveyors in 3 minutes compared to a typical 90 minutes
●       Zero arc flash exposure
●       Eliminates travel to substations
●       Isolations can be performed by a single operator with non-specialised training
●       Single lockout point
●       Automated, failsafe & compliant with international standards

➔  How much money can REMSAFE save your operation?

“REMSAFE will reduce the isolation time significantly from a typical 90 minutes to less than 3 minutes. This will not only save your business time, but also significant money each time the belt is isolated.”

BHP Billiton Mining Manager